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Below is a video presentation by my business partner Robert Fraser. He explains how he is using and inexpensive way to earn income online. He uses a lead generation system called Lead Lightning that cost $7 and there are no monthly fees. It’s just a one time fee. The online business is called 4 Corners. This cost is a one time fee of $18. So that’s $25 so far for a marketing system and a business with NO monthly fees. The last piece of the puzzle is Traffic Monsoon. This is where you get your traffic from.  Watch the video and decide for yourself.


If you like what you see click on the links below to get the ball rolling. Love to have you on my team and so would Rob.


  1. Get Lead Lightning Here
  2. Get 4 Corners Here
  3. Get Traffic Monsoon


The Importance of Building an Email List

If you are an Internet marketer, then you know that the number one thing required for a successful website is traffic. Without website traffic you will not be able to make sales. So the big question becomes how do you get visitors to come to your website?

There are many ways to optimize your web pages to get website traffic. Good SEO is important, and if you are not familiar with SEO you should check into it. You can also use forum marketing, Facebook marketing and other social platforms to promote your site. Once you have visitors, however, it is important to hold on to them however you can. That is why the importance of building an email marketing list is understood by so many successful marketers. Building an Email List

Of course once you have visitors to your website, it is important to have informative and compelling material there to make them want to come back. If they don’t like what they see, even an email list will probably not help you to get return traffic.

On the other hand, people who like what they read on your site will want to know what you have to offer next. If you provide them with a way to sign up for an email list it will not be hard to get people to join. Top online marketers offer a free gift to anyone joining their email list, and that is not a bad idea. For instance, one website about dog training offers a free e-book filled with tips about how to get a dog to do basic tricks such as roll over, sit, stay and sit up. Find something in your own niche to use as an inducement to join your list.

Start Building An Email List

Once you start building an email list it is important that you use it. Your subscribers should get used to getting one to two emails from you each week. Remember, though, that they are not subscribing in hopes that you will try to sell them something. They are subscribing because they want more information and they think you will provide it. So most of your emails should contain just that — information. It is okay to provide a link to something at the end of your email, but it should not be the focus.

Also, don’t fall into the bad habit of asking a question or posing a lot of problems only to force your readers to buy something to get the answers. I don’t know about you, but when I get emails like that I quickly hit the “unsubscribe” button. It is alright to present a resource, but questions asked in your email really should be answered.

Get Website Traffic Through Your Email List

People will join your email list because they want to believe in you. Don’t let them down. Don’t abuse their faith in you. You can drive a lot of website traffic to your website through an email list. Doing this is gets you free website traffic. Just make sure that the information you send your subscribers is information they want and are seeking. Once your website traffic is flowing you will better understand the importance of building an email list.


Lead Lightning is a lead generation system. I know there are many of them. This one however is a low ticket system. One that many have been waiting for. Don’t let the term low ticket fool you. You can make money with this. It has everything in place for you to win.
People don’t make money online because they can’t reach enough people. Lead Lightning has that problem solved!
This is not HYPE! This is factual information. Check out the short video below. After watching the video click here to become a member of Lead Lightning.


This Is Why Network Marketing Is Powerful

Network Marketing provides business opportunities to the masses. Whether or not you pay any heed to the negativity that sometimes surrounds this line of work, it remains a fact that many people achieve success beyond their wildest dreams thanks to Network Marketing.

There are some Network, or Multi-level marketing companies that have more people earning over $100,000 USD a year than any other company in the world. So how do they work?

All legitimate network marketing companies have products to sell. Instead of hiring sales people and offering up a 10% commission with a low basic salary (or similar), they instead allow people to “join” as partners. They handle all sales themselves, work for themselves, and get a much larger commission, sometimes as high as 50%.

Those people can then invite their customers, friends, or even strangers to join the business too, should they want to experience similar financial and time freedoms. The person who invited them, the “sponsor” receives a percentage, usually around 5%, of their sales as commission from the company. They do not take a share of their “downline’s” earnings, but from the company instead.

Over time, by recruiting lots of downline wider and deeper (downline recruiting downline), and teaching them all to create sales of the product efficiently, the original partner can be receiving a large sum of money from their own sales, but more importantly from commissions they earned from downline. Essentially, once the foundations have been laid, the earning potential is endless.

Click on the video below you’ll want to start building your own downline.



If you have seen enough of the video then click here and Join Now

What Is The Surge365 Compensation Plan

For those who are looking to earn money without a monthly fee or a big one time fee check out ‪#‎Surge365‬. Full Disclosure there is a small yearly fee which amounts to about the price of one Grande Starbucks drink per month. Below is a video of  How The  Surge365 Compensation Plan Works. Watch it then then go to Sign Up For Surge365 for more information.

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