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Buying Traffic Monsoon Ad Pack With No Out Of Pocket Money


I’m working the Broke Mans Plan. Very cool, I just bought my 11th active ad pack with NO out of pocket money. I was able to use the Revenue Share money from Traffic Monsoon to do so.

Tomorrow’s plan is to buy a Traffic Monsoon $9 Massive Package, again this will be from the revenue share money. No out of pocket money. This package will give me 5000 clicks to my website. These clicks are to outside of Traffic Monsoon members, therefore I am getting more exposure to my business.

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*Results are not typical, your results will depend on how you work and build your business.

Finally Got To 10 Ad Packs On Traffic Monsoon

Well folks, I finally did it. I’m at 10 ad packs on traffic monsoon. It took a little longer than I wanted it to take but none the less I made it. Moving forward I will continue to buy more ad packs. The beauty is now that I don’t have to use out of pocket money to buy the ad packs. As long as traffic monsoon continues to pay at the current revenue share that it has been.

Now that I have 10 ad packs that will get me about $10 a day from traffic monsoon, so I expect to be buying another ad pack my 11th sometime Saturday. I will be doing a video on how I am going to buy the ad pack using the revenue share money from traffic monsoon.

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*Results are not typical, your results will depend on how you work and build your business.

Traffic Monsoon Progress

Follow up to my Facebook Post on Sept 2 on buying another ad pack. Today I bought my 9th one giving me 8 active packs. Getting really close to my 2nd goal of 10 active ad packs.

I could have bought all 10 ad packs at once but that would have cost me $500. Instead I’m doing the Broke Mans Plan and buying them approximately 7 days apart. I’m doing this because it cost effective for me right now. I’ve bought a total of 9 ad pack costing me $229 as opposed to $450. If you don’t know what the Broke Mans Plan is scroll down and click on the link Broke Mans Plan Below.

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I will be doing a video once I get to 10 active ad packs.

>>>Broke Mans Plan<<<




Results are not typical, your results will depend on how you work and build your business.



How To Use Revenue Sharing Traffic Exchanges To Build Your Online Business

How To Use Revenue Sharing Traffic Exchanges To Build Your Online Business

If your’re an online marketer you know what a traffic exchange is. You know how tedious and sometimes how unproductive they are. Well in this post I’m going show you on type of Traffic Exchange that is worth your wild to take a look at.

The traffic exchange is called Traffic Monsoon. Traffic Monsoon is a revenue sharing type of traffic exchange. That means that if you are a paid member  traffic monsoon will share their earnings with you. Paid member means that you have an active ad pack(s). I’ll explain that in minute. There is one other requirement and that is that you have to surf 10 ads within a 24 hour time period.


Now I’m going to explain how I am using traffic monsoon to build my business and earn money online.The first thing I did was to buy an ad pack. Ad packs cost $50, the ad pack allows you to get 20 clicks on your banner ad and 1000 clicks on to your website. Whatever you do, do not promote traffic monsoon with with these ad packs because you will only be promoting to people who are already members of traffic monsoon. One ad pack will get you back $55 back over time. Again you will have to surf 10 ads daily and within a 24 hour time period. Hence, the more ad packs you have is the more of the daily revenue sharing you will get.


I like working with whole numbers. This is not exact but approximately each ad pack gets you about $1 day. So if you have 5 ad pack you will get about $5 a day. This can change because the revenue share is based on the members of traffic monsoon buying advertisement and that’s how traffic monsoon pay it’s members. It very important to note that THIS IS NOT AN INVESTMENT!

Get to 10 ad packs


Your first goal is to buy and ad pack. Your second goal is to get to 10 ad packs. Now you can buy all 10 ad packs at once. That will cost you $500. Now, what I have been doing is buying them once a week. Or as my available cash allows me to do so. I’m calling this the Broke Mans Plan. Video Presentation of the Broke Mans Plan. Yes this apply’s to women too. Don’t want to get called out by some women’s group. Because I’m a man I’ll call it the broke mans plan.


Okay, back to the plan. The first week I bought my first ad pack. Yes you have to spend some money. So I got my first ad pack for $50. After about 7 days I had about $8 in my account. I bought my second ad pack for $42 ($42 + $8 in my account = $50 for my 2nd ad pack). Again I waited about a week and my account had $15 and so I bought my third ad pack for $35 ($35 + $15 in my account = my third ad pack). I am continuing this process until I get to 10 active ad packs. I have to admit I have not been as consistent as I wanted to be so I’m still building on getting to 10 ad packs.


Right now I’m at 7 ad packs. Below is a screenshot. You’ll also notice today’s date. Also in this screenshot you see that I have cash link available. These are links you can click on and earn anywhere from .001 to .02 cents. I know it doesn’t sound like much but if you have a lot of referrals it does add up. These cash link are also available to free members. Never the less I’m concentrating on getting my ad packs.


Traffic Monsoon ad pack Progess



Once I get to 10 ad packs that means that every 5 days I can buy an ad pack that cost me ZERO dollars out of pocket. I hope you can visualize this. This is very powerful. So what do you do when toy get to 10 ad packs?

After 10 Ad Packs buy Traffic Packages

Once I hit 10 active ad packs, basically everything going forward is bought from profits (making it free). As long as you are consistent with keeping up with viewing your ads and that the revenue share that traffic monsoon pays out is the same.  Back to the broke mans plan. Now once I get to 10 ad packs I will buy what traffic monsoon calls Massive Traffic. The beauty of this massive traffic option is that these click are from outside sources not on the traffic monsoon exchange. These packages start at $5 for 2500 clicks. THESE ARE NOT IMPRESSIONS but CLICKS. I will not buy the $5 package but rather the $9 package which consist of 5000 clicks.


How I envision this working is with me having the 10 active ad packs, once a week I will buy the $9 traffic package (5000 clicks). Monday through Friday I will wait until I accumulate $50 thru the revenue share to buy another ad pack.

Massive Traffic


I hope you see how this plan can help grow you online marketing venture. I hope you join me on my way to 10 ad packs and beyond. You can join Traffic Monsoon for free. Once you are a member I can add you to our Facebook Group and you’ll see how other are using the revenue sharing from traffic monsoon.

Inexpensive Easy To Do Online Business

Below is a video presentation by my business partner Robert Fraser. He explains how he is using and inexpensive way to earn income online. He uses a lead generation system called Lead Lightning that cost $7 and there are no monthly fees. It’s just a one time fee. The online business is called 4 Corners. This cost is a one time fee of $18. So that’s $25 so far for a marketing system and a business with NO monthly fees. The last piece of the puzzle is Traffic Monsoon. This is where you get your traffic from.  Watch the video and decide for yourself.


If you like what you see click on the links below to get the ball rolling. Love to have you on my team and so would Rob.


  1. Get Lead Lightning Here
  2. Get 4 Corners Here
  3. Get Traffic Monsoon


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