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Earn Commissions With Lead Lightning

Part of the 3 step formula that I am implementing is the Lead Lightning marketing system. It’s the basic level of the power lead system. Don’t let the basic level scare you off. Trust me I know it works see the imagine below.

If you are looking for an inexpensive NO MONTHLY FEE marketing system this is it. Lead Lightning only cost $7, it’s a ONE TIME FEE & you earn a $6 commission when you sell one. You can upgrade if you like when if fits your budget.

Think about it, $7 today gets you 2 Venti drinks at Starbucks. So for one day you skip your Starbucks and buy Lead Lightning and it’s yours forever AND you can use it to build your business, how? Well, Lead Lightning allows you to promote your biz opportunity or anything you like in addition to promoting Lead Lightning.



earn commissions with lead lightning


Get Lead Lightning It’s Only A $7 One Time Fee







Cash Links With Traffic Monsoon

I often see people looking for a business opportunity that is free. Well here you go. It’s free to join and free to earn. Basically all you just need do is click 10 ads a day every 24 hours  which takes about a little more than 3 minutes to do. Then when all you have to do is click on the cash links when they become available.

The imagine below as of this writing shows that I’ve made $9.37 just from doing this. Doesn’t sound like much but it’s free and when you refer someone and they do they same thing you get a 100% match. So my sponsor also made $9.37. You have nothing to loose and everything to gain.


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Cash Links 10-11-15


Cash Links = FREE MONEY 


Cash Links




Buying Traffic Monsoon Ad Pack With No Out Of Pocket Money


I’m working the Broke Mans Plan. Very cool, I just bought my 11th active ad pack with NO out of pocket money. I was able to use the Revenue Share money from Traffic Monsoon to do so.

Tomorrow’s plan is to buy a Traffic Monsoon $9 Massive Package, again this will be from the revenue share money. No out of pocket money. This package will give me 5000 clicks to my website. These clicks are to outside of Traffic Monsoon members, therefore I am getting more exposure to my business.

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*Results are not typical, your results will depend on how you work and build your business.

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